“What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other.”
                                               — Georg Eliot

  A)  About Us:

Triumph Funding reflects the thoughts and biases of John, a cancer survivor, when it comes to charitable giving in general and to cancer research in particular. It hopefully presents some grounds for thinking positively about donating to a cause which is or some day may be important to the donor.

John lives with his wife, Janis, in Wauwatosa, WI, a suburb of Milwaukee.  He is by trade a lawyer.  John and Janis have two children, Lauren, who lives in New Orleans, and Jenna, who lives in Brooklyn.  John coached youth soccer for over 20 years and very much loves the game, as well as many other sports.  He also enjoys reading and traveling.

Since his diagnosis in September 2010 with Stage 4 colon cancer, John has realized that he has “biases” when it comes to charitable giving.  Here they are:

1)  He believes that, in giving to worthy causes, one will receive at least as much as he or she gives.

2)  He believes people should regularly donate to meaningful causes that touch them, even if they view the donation as “small”. There are no “small” donations to a worthy cause.

3)  John believes supporting cancer research is of vital importance to all of us, for that horrid disease could touch any of us or our loved ones.

4)  Finally, especially if one lives in or is connected to Wisconsin, John believes you should consider a donation to The Triumph Fund, which in turn will help make innovative treatments available to patients before they are formally approved by the FDA. The reason for this bias is simple. John has been and is being treated by the collective genius of physicians at the Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center and, in his mind, has been carried on the shoulders of giants.

If you like what we stand for, please consider “liking” The Triumph Fund on Facebook.  If you have questions or do not agree with (or do agree with) any of John’s thoughts, please leave a comment on a post.

   B)  About this Blog:

We hope you enjoy not only the information we try here to convey, but also the quotes sprinkled through the blog and the website.  We would like to think that they stimulate thinking about charitable giving.  Many of the quotes are decades, even centuries old. They have survived over the years for a reason.

I have selected certain colors in this blog and in The Triumph Fund’s website.  Although clinical trials do not favor any one cancer, the blue symbolizes colon cancer – the cancer with which I was diagnosed.  The amber and the yellow (a little hard to see here) reflect the hues of the sunflower.  Sunflowers are displayed prominently on The Triumph Fund’s website, thetriumphfund.org.  Our family has planted sunflowers for years and they are our oldest daughter’s favorite flower.   Additionally, as one can see from looking at the richness of the sunflowers in the photos below, they follow the warmth and light of the sun.   We see cancer research doing the same.

imagecropped-cropped-img_049121.jpg2014-03-14 20.24.16

     “He is rich who is content with the least; for contentment is the wealth of nature.”
                                            — Socrates


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