Wheelbarrow by Wheelbarrow:

The Triumph Fund is very proud of all its donors, the vast majority of whom are individuals who want to help turn cancer upside down. We also have been very fortunate to have received donations from local corporations which are exemplary corporate citizens in Southeast Wisconsin and who make a difference far beyond the boundaries of this state. We deeply thank them.

Today The Triumph Fund is proud to announce that, as part of a corporate matching program, it received a generous donation from Google, an international icon. Google is well known for its charitable giving and today it touched the hearts of the Milwaukee community. It’s generosity, as with the selflessness of all our donors, serves to increase the hope and the spirit of cancer patients everywhere.

The Triumph Fund takes deep pride in the many individuals who and corporate citizens which have supported it financially, through silent auction items, and otherwise.  Many are family and friends of The Triumph Fund’s founders – my wife, our two adult age daughters, and me, a cancer patient.  Many are folks we did not have the privilege of knowing before we started The Triumph Fund but who we now view as meaningful friends.  The number and breadth of this organization’s supporters makes us believe we are doing something right in our quest to operate a platform that in a little more than one year has raise significant funds that already are being used to support life-saving cancer research.

That success is due to you, our supporters, not the founders of The Triumph Fund.  So we say thank you Google, our latest supporter, and thank you to all donors and supporters. You are helping make a difference. We have mountains to move, but we are doing so stone by stone, wheelbarrow by wheelbarrow.  We will together help turn ɔɐuɔǝɹ upsie down.


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