A Rationale Relating to Philanthropy:

There is presumably much scientific research that examines why people give to charity or otherwise engage in selfless behavior.  I am not sure much research is needed.  I am convinced that many people who are in a position to give will give if there is a cause that touches them and there is an available platform that makes it easy to give.  That is why, I believe, The Triumph Fund’s inaugural event, Honoring The Lorax, raised approximately $25,000 to support the Clinical Trials Office at the Medical College of Wisconsin.  First, we had a cause that truly touched people – cancer research for a specific cause (promoting clinical trials) in which the funds would be used locally, at the Medical College of Wisconsin.  Second, The Triumph Fund served as a platform through which people could easily give to this worthy cause.

Nonetheless, I am not about to question studies that may shed light on giving.  Especially in this time of sequestration, if we can find what really causes one to give, it will be a benefit to all the legitimate causes that are seeking private donations.  It is for that reason that I found interesting a recent opinion article in the New York Times:http://www.nytimes.com/2013/07/21/opinion/sunday/why-men-need-women.html?pagewanted=2&_r=0&nl=el  The essence of the article is that evidence suggests that the presence of women in a man’s life may cause that man to be more generous.  It also recognizes that women, as a whole, tend to be more generous than their male counterparts.  It is fascinating to read in the article that a study showed that male business executives frequently reduced wages of the employees after the executive had a son, but not after having a daughter.  Other points a=raised in the opinion piece are also noteworthy.

This article is worth reading and thinking about.  So is giving to the many worthy causes out there.  We saw the generosity of this community on June 26, when, through a massive and humbling turnout, we “Honored The Lorax.”  Let’s keep up that philanthropic spirit.


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