The Limited Administrative Expenses of The Triumph Fund:

One consideration in donating is the percentage of an organization’s administrative costs.  The lower the better, although the reasonableness of administrative costs is dependent on the type of organization.  As Charity Navigator explains, the administrative expenses of some charities, such as a museum, are expected to be higher than the expenses of most other charities because of the expense associated with maintaining that charity’s facilities or otherwise operating that charity.

The Triumph Fund incurs very little in terms of administrative expenses.  It has no employees and thus no payroll.  Work for the fund is undertaken by the members of the Board and others on a volunteer basis.  It has no rent or mortgage, for it is based out of the home of the fund’s founders.

The Triumph Fund’s start-up expenses have been almost exclusively paid for by two of its founders.  Those individuals, of which I am one, do not wish that they be repaid.  Instead, it is their desire that, to the extent possible, funds that are donated to The Triumph Fund go to cancer research at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW), including research performed through clinical trials.

The primary expenses which The Triumph Fund will incur are those associated with the upcoming dinner, Honoring The Lorax, including the expenses associated with the food and drink to be served at that event.  Other anticipated expenses include any professional fees, such as accounting work, that may be needed and limited expenses associated with its bank account, such as securing checks to both pay expenses and provide received donations to MCW.

Thus, a donation to The Triumph Fund will be well spent – for almost all of it will go to supporting cancer research and the Clinical Trials Office at the Medical College of Wisconsin’s Cancer Center.



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