Welcome to Triumph Funding, an offspring of  The Triumph Fund, http://www.thetriumphfund.org, which was designed to promote funding for innovative cancer research.  We here encourage donating to worthy causes and to cancer research in particular.  We specifically hope you will consider a donation to The Triumph Fund, which raises funds to promote clinical trials at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

The Tabs:

To learn about the author of this blog, please click the About tab.

To see the author’s musings and thoughts on cancer, cancer research, and charitable donations, please click the Musings tab.

To see who we believe deserve thanks, which is lifted in large part from the We Thank page in The Triumph Fund’s website, please see the Thank You tab.

We hope this blog encourages thinking and discussions about charitable giving in general and, more importantly to us, about promoting life-saving and hope-inducing cancer research.  As the About tab explains, I have my biases in favor of research which I believe some day will kill the dragon called cancer.

The Colors and Quotes:

We also hope you enjoy our quotes and that they, too, contribute to one’s thinking about charitable giving and assisting cancer research.  Many quote are known or used today even though they first uttered centuries or at least decades ago.  Their staying power may be a sign they can contribute substantively to any thoughts about giving and cancer charities.

As for colors, the ones we use have been selected for a reason.   I am a colon cancer survivor.  The blue we use reflects to some extent the color that symbolizes colon cancer.  The amber and the yellow reflect the hues of the sunflower, a flower which we believe reflects our mission, for sunflowers follow the sun.  Additionally, we have a soft spot for that particular flower in our family, for we grow sunflowers each year and it is our oldest daughter’s favorite flower.


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